Wing Wing's recipe for sausages has been consistent for generations.

We continue to maintain a reliable approach of using the highest quality ingredients that have made our product successful for over 100 years.

We make two types of Chinese sausages - pork sausages, also known as "lap cheung", and pork and liver sausages known as "guan cheung".

Both types of sausages can be served individually or included in many dishes. The sausages can be used to compliment vegetables, tofu, soups, other meats or fish, and can also be prepared using a variety of cooking techniques, such as steaming, boiling, stir frying and barbequing. The sausages alone are often enough to flavour an entire dish!

Hong Kong:

Canasausage - Reg 375g Canasausage - Liver 375g Canasausage - 250g Diced CANA natural sausage, no MSG, no preservative Masterchef grain fed Bacon


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